About ATMU

The Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU) was established on December 22, 2014 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev based on the Azerbaijan Tourism Institute (ATI), which has been operating since 2006. ATMU is a higher education institution that provides training in the field of tourism and management. By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 255 dated June 7, 2018, ATMU operates under the State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

At present, the university has 3 faculties and 9 departments. 

Education at ATMU is carried out at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. Additional education programs are also provided by the University.

A total of 1,547 undergraduate and graduate students are studying at ATMU. Also, 68 people continue their education at the doctoral level and 26 people at the additional education program. During the period of its activity, a total of 3357 students (2963 bachelors, 385 masters, 9 doctoral students) graduated from the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management Univeristy, 46 ​​students graduated from additional education programs available at the university.


The Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University has introduced the first international double degree program among higher education institutions providing tourism education in the Republic of Azerbaijan. A total of 235 people, including 222 graduate and 13 undergraduates graduated from the Azerbaijan-Austria Tourism Program jointly offered with the Austrian IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences for the last 13 years since 2007. They contribute to the development of the tourism sector as professionals who are aware of the subtleties of education. During their studies, students gain international educational experience by continuing their education in Austria for one semester. Students who successfully complete the program, which is taught by specialists from Austria, receive two diplomas - a diploma of ATMU and the one of the IMC Krems UAS.

On November 20, 2019, ATMU was awarded the certificate of ISO 9001:2015 - QMS on the specialty program "Organization of Tourism Business". The awarding of ATMU is an indication of its effective management system and implementation of education policy that meets international standards.

On March 10, 2020, the University was awarded the international quality certificate "UNWTO.TedQual" of the World Tourism Organization on the specialty program "Organization of tourism". For the first time among the higher education institutions of the South Caucasus region, the successful completion of ATMU's UNWTO.TedQual certification process is an important achievement in increasing the global competitiveness of higher education in the field of tourism in Azerbaijan. By joining the UNWTO.TedQual Network of Higher Education Institutions, ATMU has gained the right to participate in exchange programs of academic staff and students, as well as the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.


Our mission is to equip our students with the competencies and create a learning culture they will need to be successful in the ever-changing labor market.


Our vision is to create the next generation of leaders, who can help their organizations achieve service excellence and be champions of sustainable development in their respective fields.

Our core corporate values

ATMU capitalizes on its institutional reputation as a value-driven organization. The core values guiding the university’s operations are the following:
- Integrity: ATMU staff are expected to adhere to high ethical standards in their personal and professional conduct at all times.
- Transparency: ATMU’s procedures for making decisions and implementing them shall be transparent. The university respects and values the right of its stakeholders and the wider public to access information about its activities.
- Accountability: ATMU’s ability to honor its commitments to its stakeholders depends on its staff members’ devotion to and timely discharge of their individual and group responsibilities.
- Rationality: Decisions made at different positions of leadership shall be justified on rational grounds only and arbitrary styles of decision-making shall be avoided.
- Collegiality: Relevant staff members shall be involved in the decision-making process and every effort shall be made to avoid the style of decision-making, in which employees are relegated to a secondary role of mere executors.
- Academic professionalism: ATMU staff are expected to demonstrate a high level of academic integrity and professionalism in their teaching and research capacities.
- Curiosity: ATMU is determined to instill and reinforce a sense of curiosity in its students, the oft-ignored quality that is intrinsic to any intellectual endeavor.
- Creativity: ATMU encourages the use of creative and innovative methods of teaching and learning, placing a premium on the idea of “learning by doing”.


- ATMU is the first specialized state higher education institution to train personnel in tourism;
- Certified by ISO:9001-2015 - Quality Management System and "UNWTO.TedQual" international quality certificates of the World Tourism Organization on the specialty program "Organization of tourism business";
- Prepares competitive graduates for the labor market using modern training technologies;
- Ensures that the training is conducted by qualified and practical specialists;
- Implements the first international dual degree program in tourism in the country;
- Provides students with the opportunity to study at European universities through international exchange programs ("Erasmus+", Mevlana Exchange Program);
- Provides opportunities for students to participate in research projects of international and local partner organizations;
- Provides a chance to use the rich resources of the Library Information Center, which has access to electronic databases such as UNWTO, Thomson Reuters, EBSCO;
- Supports career opportunities in the specialty profile of students who have achieved success during their education by creating opportunities for internships and career building in prestigious national institutions as a result of cooperation with government agencies and large companies of the country;
- Organizes the process of internship in foreign countries (United Arab Emirates, Republic of Bulgaria, State of Israel, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Republic of Turkey) for 22 weeks.