Innovative educational methods are the guarantee of the future

13 September 2018 Author :  

Globalization in the world and the integration of the educational system of Azerbaijan into the European educational system require the use of new training technologies, active and interactive training methods and the use of new technologies in the education system. The next strategic task facing the country is further modernization of social and economic life, ensuring sustainable economic development by adapting to advanced international practice and raising the living standards of the population. Modernization primarily depends on the successful application of advanced technologies and management methods, scientific-achievements-based innovations in the country's social and economic life. Priority direction for this is the acceleration of integration of the economy into the world economy, as well as the development of human capital in the country, and the acquisition of modern knowledge and skills. Being one of the most important prerequisites for the process of successful integration of the economy into the global system and for the country to more efficiently benefit from international competition, the development of human capital is the main task of the country's educational system.

Fərhad Mirəliyev

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