Bologna system

The admission of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe in 2001 accelerated the process of integration of Azerbaijan into the European space.

he state of Azerbaijan has declared its integration into the European educational space unequivocally in the development of society. It should be noted that the path to education in the Bologna process on May 25, 1998, at the conference dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Paris University in France, Germany, Italy, after the adoption of the "Sorbonne Declaration" by the British and French education ministers.

In 1999, education ministers from more than 29 European countries have come to Italy to adopt the Bologna Declaration. 45 countries have joined the process. The document includes two-step education, strengthening of quality of education, application of credit system, recognition of diplomas by European countries and other provisions. A special declaration was adopted at the Conference of Education Ministers of the Caucasian countries held in Strasbourg on the initiative of the Council of Europe in 2004. A report was prepared by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Bologna Process in 2004 and was submitted to the European Commission. An official document was signed on the accession of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Bologna process at the conference held on may 19, 2005, in Bergen, Norway.


his system was first applied to those who were admitted to the first courses of the 2006-2007 academic year in our country. The document was developed on the basis of the "structure of the minimum government requirements for the content and level of bachelor's degree preparation." According to the document, the number of subjects in the higher education institutions decreased, the number of audience hours was reduced, and the number of hours allocated to subjects selected by the students increased from 5% to 20%, theoretical weeks were reduced from 133 to 115, classroom lessons from 17-18 weeks to 15 weeks, and 10 to 3 for humanitarian subjects. Depending on the specialty, the production experience was determined within 18 weeks.

The basic requirements of the new system include the improvement of quality indicators in higher education, the application of the credit system, and the two main functions - to provide students with mobility and independently define the trajectory of education. For students enrolled in the credit system, the number of total hours of the classroom and extracurricular audiences is 45 hours. A credit is equal to 15 hours or 22.5 hours, and each student on all subjects can define up to 30 credits per semester. Well-trained students may choose 1 or 2 subjects per semester, but not more than 8 credits. Undergraduate students require 200-250 credits. There is also a requirement that a student may only receive a credit at a time when he has received a good grade from the relevant subject exam for the rules applied in higher education institutions.

he transition to this system means getting to the global educational system. There are certain educational standards in the world. The existing standards are reflected in this system in a comprehensive and efficient way. It is no coincidence that in the educational space of Azerbaijan special attention is given to the Bologna process. The advantages of the Bologna system include the ability to arm more operational and up-to-date knowledge, and to improve the quality of teaching. The Bologna process serves to make effective the knowledge, skills and habits gained during the education process. It is a process that benefits the application of new technologies, the use of Internet resources, and the ability to perform the theoretical knowledge gained in conjunction with students' free readiness.

Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University is the first university in our country that operates in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process.

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