Ilham Madatov

Ilham Madatov


Education is a tool that enables the future of every person to change. It ensures individuals take a worthy place in society, turn the acquired knowledge into science, and helps to achieve predetermined goals and objectives. Education is the main landmark of every individual's life. Thanks to it, demonstrating the right way of thinking, the proper behavior, and the scientific approach leads to the success of not only individuals, but also societies.

Rector's appeal

In recent years, the development of the non-oil sector, especially the tourism sector, has been one of the main priorities of the policy pursued by our state. Tourism is not only the expression of tourists in numbers, but also the creation of a strong infrastructure, the existence of a developed hotel system, the provision of a transport system that meets modern standards, as well as the training of highly qualified personnel in this field.

As a higher education institution, ATMU has a very important and serious task to ensure a high quality education system that meets international standards and grows professionals in this field. Despite being one of the young, dynamic and rapidly developing higher education institutions in Azerbaijan, our university achieved great success in the field of tourism and management. Today, I can proudly state that ATMU is the only higher education institution in the South Caucasus region that has been awarded the “UNWTO.TedQual” international quality certificataion by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Earlier, our university received the international "ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System" quality certificate.

The development of our society and state depends on highly qualified young people with professional knowledge. That is why the main goal of ATMU is to grow a new generation of leaders who will promote sustainable development in their areas of specialization and contribute to improving the level of service in the enterprises in which they will work. Keeping up with the modern world, meeting the changing requirements demands young people to be open-minded, knowledgeable, and competent, as well as to improve their individual qualities and work in a collective spirit. By switching from traditional education to modern education system meeting international standards, the educational environment created in our university, the specialties we offer, establishment of multifaceted international relations, internship abroad and in leading local institutions, participation in projects carried out with international and local organizations and scientific research on the fields we specialize in, as well as, the dual diploma program applied for the first time in the country - Azerbaijan-Austria Tourism Program, which allows our students to receive the diploma of the European higher education institution without going abroad are the opportunities we offer. We are proud that today our graduates, along with taking a worthy place in the leading tourism enterprises of our country, continue their education in prestigious universities around the world without any difficulties.

Within the framework of close cooperation with our students and graduates, the teaching and administrative staff of ATMU creates a high quality student-centered educational environment. Our teaching staff motivates the students to grow them as highly qualified professional specialists to take a worthy position in society. We are sure that our graduates will be successful leaders, tourism specialists, social workers, managers, marketing specialists, food safety agents in the respective fields of work.

Our main expectation from our students and graduates is to properly represent ATMU in the fields in which they work and always to be professionals who serve our country and our people.

I believe that as a result of the educational policy pursued by ATMU, our institution will continue to grow as a higher education institution that plays an important role in the life of the region, our country, and our society.

In the end, I invite prospective candidates, who intend to continue the next stage of their education, and academic representatives, who want to build their careers at our university, to join the ATMU family.