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ATMU three staff members visited Anadolu University in Eskishehir within Erasmus+ Mobility Programme

07-11 March 2022 ATMU three staff members visited Anadolu University in Eskishehir within Erasmus+ Mobility Programme. During the visit, ATMU staff members had a chance to get acquainted closely with the host University’s academic and administrative management system.

Within the mobility, staff members met with Prof. Oktay Emir,  the dean of Anadolu University’s Faculty of Tourism, Dr. Engin Bayraktaroglu, faculty’s Erasmus+ coordinator, and Lili Feng, International Office person responsible for Incoming Staff Mobility for Erasmus+. During the meeting possibilities of online education and extending the cooperation beyond the existing scope have been discussed.

ATMU instructor on Tourism Business subject Shirmammad Mammadov visited classrooms, acquainted with the curriculum of Tourism faculty subjects. He was informed on the main aim of the Faculty -  to train tourism managers, tourist guides, gastronomy and culinary art professionals in accordance with the department curricula, especially students’ obtainment of professional skills and abilities with the support of application classes and laboratories in addition to the compulsory internship program. Simultaneously, he got acquainted with the internship manual, assessment form, report form of the Faculty of Tourism.

Meanwhile, the deputy dean at ATMU’s Business Administration faculty Ilaha Aliyeva examined the faculty’s management process, infrastructure and ways of applying existing relevant practices into ATMU’s work.

ATMU International Office staff member Incha Aliyeva delivered a presentation on the work of ATMU’s International Office during the mobility. Meanwhile, both International Offices exchanged thoughts on existing challenges and opportunities, strengthening the cooperation between the universities within their internationalization strategies.