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Jose Antonio Vidal, the Head of the Global Wine Tourism Organization, visited ATMU

Jose Antonio Vidal, the head of the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) expressed his satisfaction with the warm welcome at the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU). In this business meeting with the participation of Ilham Madatov, the rector of ATMU, Bahadur Bilalov, the dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, Orkhan Musa, the head of the International Relations Department, Novruz Guliyev, the head of the Hotel and Restaurant Business Department and the employees of the mentioned department, rector I. Madatov clarified the main goals of the higher educational institution. At the same time, he talked about the Strategic Road Map, wine routes, and the "Wine Festival" held at a high level in Shamakhi. He valued ATMU as an interested party in the process of organizing the training of qualified personnel among the factors determining the development of winemaking in Azerbaijan.

N. Guliyev, the head of Hotel and Restaurant Business Department, stated that the subjects on gastronomy and wine tourism, wine and fermentation process technology are taught to the students of relevant specializations, and practical lessons are held periodically at the Scientific Research Institute of Viticulture and Oenology.


Jose Antonio Vidal, the head of the Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO), pointed out that the activities of the organization reflect the promotion of regions specializing in wine production, as well as the promotion of wine destinations. Within the framework of the meeting, issues of development of new programs, establishment of mutual cooperation relations, organization of tourism courses, close participation of ATMU employees in the events held by the mentioned organization were discussed.

J.A.Vidal said that he would be pleased if he would see ATMU representatives among the participants at the event to be held in Uruguay in March.