Student Life

     Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management, in addition to providing its students with high-quality education, pays special attention to their leisure time. Work with young people is one of the components of  educational policy of ATMU. In order to increase the effectiveness of student life, the university gets to know their problems closely, takes measures to solve them, and helps students increase their experience and knowledge by participating in various internship programs and work opportunities.

     By formulating the “work with students” strategy, ATMU has set the goal of forming a corporate culture in students, their socialization, enrichment of worldviews, and further development of patriotism. Participation of students in social projects, various-scale and themed trainings, scientific-practical conferences, participation in forums and intellectual games, organization of their meetings with industry representatives are important activities  “work with students” strategy of ATMU.Also, students of ATMU represent the university together with the professors and teaching staff at various events of state importance.

   In addition, the involvement of students in internal university management activities for the purpose of increasing and developing their management skills serves to form these skills in them. One of the main goals of the university is to support the participation of students in various local and international projects, and to develop initiative, organizational skills and creativity in them.

     In order to carry out these works, the responsible Career and Communication Department, as well as student organizations such as the Student Youth Organization (SYO), the Student Union Committee (SUC) and the Student Scientific Society (SSS) are operating in the university.

      The Student Youth Organization includes the following clubs:

Debate club

Sports club


Eco Club

Chess club

Speech club

Intellectual Games club

     One of the important aspects of work with students is their acquisition of practical knowledge. So, both relevant departments and departments invite the specialists of the field to the university and organize their meetings with the students so that the knowledge acquired by the students does not end with the class period. Also, as a result of cooperation with various state and private institutions, trainings for students, various information sessions, informative meetings and visits to institutions are organized by specialists in the specialty profiles available at the university.

     With the guidance of the responsible persons from ATMU, the visits of the industrial enterprises are organized for the students and it is achieved that they get practical knowledge about the existing field. 5-star hotel chains operating in the country, companies operating in the field of tourism, museums, research companies, government institutions, etc. Are among the visited enterprises.

     Also, the organization of production experience of our students in local and international institutions for a period of 14-22 weeks is one of the activities that serve to enrich their student life with effective and practical knowledge.

   So,ATMU is realizing the goal of training a new generation of leaders who will promote sustainable development in their specialized fields and contribute to raising the level of service in the enterprises they operate by using all possible means for their students to grow as professionals in their field.